About me

My wife & I currently live in Australia. We have five grandchildren (three boys & two girls).

I have always been interested in travel, writing, reading and anything that simulates the mind. My only disinterest is sport, even though I travelled all over the UK playing rugby.

I once told a teacher that ‘I’ll never go abroad’, since that stupid comment I have managed to visit over eighty countries, all continents, except Antarctica (too cold for me), flown with fifty or more different airlines, some are no longer in business.

All our trips for the past several years have been arranged without using travel agents, because our DIY attitude has saved us money, and we are able to build holidays exactly to our requirements.

As for being a ‘writer’, I had a novel published in the UK a few years ago – it is an historical fiction story, http://www.geoffwoodland.com . I am now working on another.

16 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Thanks again Geoff. for rattling up memories from my family. You were at Trincomalee where my Father was shot up by the Japs in their Easter Sunday raid ! That was after a long stint on the North African dessert and then to the Red Fort in Delhi. Trincomalee was a general centre for Army, Navy and Air Force in WWll. With Dad’s war stories I made up my mind, at about age six, that if parents ever wanted to go to any foreign country, they could leave me with Gran and Gramps.! Dad had been shot at by Italians, Germans and now Japs. Can’t he get the message that they just don’t like him ! ? !

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  2. Lol – Trinco is now growing as a tourist destination – when we visited Ceylon in 2006 the fighting was still going on (Tamils etc) so Trinco was a no no at that time, but now . . . . maybe one day :- o)


  3. I am flattered that you think that my blog is worthy of recommendation, thank you very much :-o)
    May I ask what part of the blog you found most appealing – my old travels of the 60’s or the latest holiday travels?
    I will have to check in to Versatile Blogger because all this blogging etc is new to me.


  4. My fathers brother was killed on the Karajan. He worked in the engine room. H is name was Sydney Mortimer. Thank you for your detailed account.

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  5. Hello, I’d like to request more information of one of the images you’ve used in your blog post about Ras Al Khaimah in the 1960’s. Please do get back to me as we wish to use it in a book we’re publishing about the history of the UAE.

    Thank you


    1. I’ve posted quite a few blogs and without a title or a date I can not find my own blog :- (
      I’d like to find the picture which is of interest to you,



  6. I was working as a waitress on a working holiday in NZ at the time the Bankura came into Picton. I remember having a pleasant evening in the bar at the Terminus Hotel in HIgh Street with a nice chap by the name of James Anderson. You may or may not know him


    1. Just found your comment, sorry for the delay, but have had a cataract op on my right eye, so have been ‘short sighted’ excuse the pun. What was the title of the blog in which I mention Picton? James Anderson sounds familiar, I think he was the 2nd engineer, I was 3rd mate at the time.


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