A sea change, even on holiday!


While in Lisbon we had a day out to Estoril, a beautiful area on the Atlantic coast, which is a forty-minute local train ride from Lisbon. This was my second visit having been to Estoril in 1965, and I was keen to see any changes. I didn’t, the overall feel of the place was just as I remembered.


As we have come to expect in Portugal – the trains were very clean.

DSC03161r.jpgWhen we arrived in Estoril we could see the Chalet Barros, which over looks Tamariz Beach. The station is very close to the beach.


Chalet Barros from the seaward side.

Once down on to the promenade (seawall) it was just great to walk along and smell the sea.



There are areas where one can swim and sunbath.


dsc03156rIt didn’t occur to me to take my swimming gear  . . .

dsc03158rA short walk just off the beach and we were viewing some very attractive homes.

A few minutes later we found a small café overlooking the sea, where we had lunch.

After a light lunch we made our way back to Lisbon to do a spot of packing, because we were flying out the following day. We wanted Happy Hour to be free of packing stress before our evening meal.

One has to look after Happy Hour from the 17th floor of ones apartment.  :-o)

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