A foggy day in Thailand

Arriving at Laem Chabang, which is the port for Bangkok, around 6.00 am, I rushed out with my trusty point and click camera.


As I clicked the shutter my glasses fogged, as did the camera lens – I hadn’t allowed for the huge change in humidity from our air conditioned cabin to Thailand’s humidity even at 6.00 am.


Taken a few minutes later as we edged towards our berth.


When I first saw the buses as we approached our berth I thought they were new and waiting for export, until it dawned on me that all 64 were for the Diamond Princess to take passengers on various excursions – plus a shuttle service (USD $8 / person / way) to Pattaya which was about a 40 minute drive. Bangkok city was close to two hours due to traffic.

Because of the size of the Diamond Princess we could only get as far as Laem Chabang, which is the closest port to Bangkok city.

Maureen & I took advantage of the shuttle because we’d visited Bangkok a number of times, but we hadn’t been to Pattaya, which is the ‘seaside’ town for the citizens of Bangkok on long weekends.


Traffic as we entered Pattaya.


Overhead electrical cables for the locals in Thailand.


The beach looked OK, but all along the beach front one had to contend with hawkers & stalls.
I am glad that we visited Pattaya, because I’d heard so much about the place, but I doubt that I’d return. Perhaps it is all due to age . . . .

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