After dinner shows

The trip across the Great Australian Bight was uneventful even though this Bight has a reputation for bad weather. It was cool. but not cold and people till managed to swim in the ship’s pools.


A quiet peaceful day followed by a very nice dinner and we were just in time for the evening show.



Oops forgot to zoom



The whole theater production has been very professional from the lighting, choreography, through to the trap doors & sliding parts of the floor to enhance a scene in a show.
We have watched three musical – all different – plus a show by a female comedian from Yorkshire, Jo Little (very funny), another show with a female flutist and the other evening a male comedian who did some very clever conjuring ticks.

Yesterday evening a Kiwi singer, Chris Powley, with with a great voice and the ability to sound like Elvis, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones etc as well as his own voice when he sang opera.


Overll I couldn’t fault any of the productions, they have all been first class.