Singapore, 53 years after my first trip

We left the ship in Singapore on the 11th April – my 72nd birthday, and moved to the Concorde Hotel on Orchard Road. We’d stayed at the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur so we were aware of the standard.

Having visited Singapore on and off since 1963, every new visit is a new learning curve. Our last visit was 2012 and things have changed again.

The hotel was as we expected


Taken from the ninth floor (top floor) with three or four levels below ground for shops and car parking areas.


Our room


View from the room


The younger generation might have their focus on back packing, camping, caravanning etc but as one grows older, and you can afford a few luxuries, comfort rise to the top of our travel plans along with good food.


Club lounge, which is usually on the top floor of many hotels, but in this hotel the Club Lounge is on the ground floor. Happy Hour with drinks and snacks from 6 to 8 pm.


Around the corner from the hotel, just off Orchard Road, one can still find pieces of yesterday.


At the bottom of the above picture is Orchard Road, but this road has a feel of a quiet enclave, with the roar of traffic at the bottom.

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