What goes around comes around.

While in Perth we arranged to meet our friends for lunch, and they were kind enough to book a table for four at C Restaurant on the 33rd floor of one of the city’s taller buildings. It was a revolving restaurant and it must be nearly thirty years since Maureen and I had eaten in a revolving restaurant – the last time being in Sydney – Sydney Tower.


We arrived just on noon, after a fast ride in the lift.

Our reception was very pleasant and the staff friendly and helpful – and one particular waiter was very entertaining.


We are off and running – the Swan River below.

DSC06635rPart of the city framed.


The Swan again – the circus below is the same one that we could see from our bedroom window.


Government House below.

DSC06664rGovernment House from street level.


I never got tired of the view of the river.



Later in the afternoon Maureen I walked across the bridge that can be seen with the two ‘loops’.


I had to take this picture, which shows the Bankwest building reflecting the image of a mining company building on my left, but out of camera view.


Besides meeting our friends, the point of lunch time was for a meal. Lovely food, well presented and not too expensive considering locations etc.

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