Shops and more shops

Couldn’t leave Singapore without Maureen having her time looking around the shops.


313 Somerset

Once inside we wandered around until we’d lost all sense of direction and had to ask how to get out of the place! Not a very good start for someone who used be a navigator at sea!!

Once outside we had a choice –   DSC05530r.jpg

Robinsons across the road or H & M on our side of the road – we did both, which gave me time to read a couple of chapters.


Few shops have seats for husbands to sit and wait (or read) – fortunately H & M had a very good seat in ladies skirts, and a Robinsons’ staff member waved me to a comfortable seat near her cash till . . . that’s what I call service.


Shops – they get bigger . . .


Colour prejudice is not a problem in Singapore.


There is always a silver lining when shopping.

Pint of Tiger SGD 9.90 ++

China Town is cheaper. . . .

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