2 thoughts on “Tonga- the The Friendly Is.”

  1. Geoff

    The commentary for the Coronation had Noel Coward in the team. Queen Salote was sat opposite a v small Oriental Gentleman and one of the other commentators asked Noel who that person was.

    Noel answered in his “rounded vowels”

    “Her Lunch”

    Tonga is now a Constitutional Monarchy but until recently was very Feudal and the Royal Family is very wealthy and the country poor and in debt to the PRC.

    Peter Beveridge

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    1. Morning – I did consider using the Noel Coward comment but decided not to, due to the post being read by a wider group than QB :- o)
      The other passenger in the coach was the Sultan of Kelantan – he did not look happy. Well you wouldn’t when you had 13 sons and 14 daughters to look after :- o)


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