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Hythe located between the New Forest and Southampton waters. A very pleasant short ferry ride to visit the village and experience the world’s oldest pier train – the price of the train is included in the ferry ticket, which was inexpensive.


As you see the weather was very kind to us – AIDAperla (entered service in 2017), the latest addition to the German cruise ship company AIDA, alongside at Southampton.

DSC03889r She is marketed to the German market, but is registered in Italy. Head office is Rostock in Germany. The company is owned by Carnival Corporation of America.


Approaching our destination.


Obliviously yachting seems to be compulsory – everywhere I looked I could see masts.


Step ashore to board the train. You’d have to love exercise if you wish to walk the 700 yards (640 mtrs) to the shore.


Originally there was a hand propelled truck that carried the passenger’s luggage. In 1901 they added a narrow gauge rail line so that the truck would be easier to push, and in 1922 more modern rails were laid and electricity introduced to power a passenger train.



Driver’s cab – I don’t think it has changed since 1922.


We arrived safely on to solid ground.


After all that excitement I need a calming beer – we sat outside at the back, and enjoyed the sun and a bite to eat.


A view of inside the Lord Nelson pub, which has been here since the 1600’s.


It was nice of the town put the flags out, but how did they know we were coming?

DSC03865r This gives one a hint of the local population – on the right note the sign KJ’s Mobility, and all along in front of the shop are electric wheel chairs of various sizes and power.


A peaceful quiet afternoon. We didn’t have to worry about mad drivers, we seldom saw a car.


The excitement of Hythe was such that we had to have a quiet sit down at Ebenezer’s Pub.

The building was  built in 1845 as a chapel and named Ebenezer, which is mentioned in the Book of Samuel as the scene of a battle between the  Israelites and the Philistines. The Israelites lost the first battle and won the second, so Samuel erected a stone in commemoration of the victory. The erection of this type of marker is called an Eben-Ezer.

In 1914 it ceased being a chapel and was opened as a pub, using the same name. The current owners restored it and updated it in 2007 to become a family friendly pub.


Hythe might appear quiet, but it has links to fame.other than being on the border of the New Forest.
Sir Christopher Cockerell, the inventor of the hovercraft lived here until he died in 1999.

T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) lived here between 1931 – 32. Not as hot as Arabia.


Memorial in the local park.


What the memorial states.


The park area near the water’s edge – under the trees was very pleasant.


Now we see the reason for such a long pier – the tide is out.


A very pleasant day out, but it is time to go home. The pier train is behind me.

DSC03882rAt the end of the pier, near where we boarded the ferry, it was sad to see the superstructure so weather beaten. But I wonder if I will look as good when I am 137 years old . . . .


Silver Fox very satisfied with our day out.

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