Easter @ Sea

Two years ago, when we sailed in the Diamond Princess from Sydney to Singapore we celebrated Easter during the cruise. In that year Good Friday was the 25 th March and Easter Day 27th March.
History repeated itself and once again we celebrated Easter during a cruise, on the same ship.

In 2016 we were in Melbourne for Good Friday, and Adelaide for Easter Sunday – this year we were at sea.




Easter egg display in the Atrium – 2018

DSC05086 - Copy

Part of the 2016 display


This year we had more rabbits . .


Club Fusion Bar

Princess Cruises had arranged for a Protestant ordained husband and wife team to officiate at the Palm Sunday service, followed by the Good Friday & Easter Sunday services. I think the ministers were from the Uniting church of Australia.
Maureen and I decided to attend the services, and we were surprised at the large number of people who also attended.

The service took place in Club Fusion, which is right aft on deck seven and had an open area where the service leaders could stand. The picture below shows just a small area of the service.

It was standing room only if you didn’t get there early enough, and the area was quite large, which was used for many different functions from entertainment, evening bar to exercise classes.



The Good Friday service, slightly blurred because I had to use max zoom. We right at the back, but managed to find a seat


The Easter Sunday service, being a happier event, was decorated with flowers.

As we entered Club Fusion we were presented with a service sheet, on which the various hymns had been printed. Overall in was well done.
Palm Sunday and Good Friday services lasted for thirty minutes and Easter Sunday was a little longer.

Palm SundayEaster.jpg

Overall the services were simple and straight forward and all started at 8.30 am and were finished by 9.00 am for the first two, and 9.30 am for Easter Sunday.

Immediately after the end of the services Club Fusion reverted back to an entertainment area – trivia pursuit was one of our favourite, which stimulated our brains and gave us the opportunity to meet new people.

As always from around 11.00 am pre-lunch drinks were on the menu.

DSC00479rCrooners Bar, pre lunch drinks on Easter Sunday.


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