Boats, beer and bananas

imgp1929rFloating Market outside Bangkok.


imgp1930rHire a boat and enjoy the experience.



They cater for all tastes.


Access to the market can be made from the landward side. We walked through the market to get to the boats.

imgp1936rThe locals also buy from the boat people. The young girl had just bought a hot meal.


Most spices that I’d heard of were available, so we bought various packages.



It did cross my mind to buy a ‘boat’, but getting it back to Australia, in one piece, stopped me.


Bangkok is famous for its traffic jams – can you see my new friend?


The only way to calm down in a traffic jam in Thailand – the Singha beer was cold!

Once free of the jam we cruised away from the market to see how some Thai people lived.



 I know the floating market can be ‘touristy’, but it is worth the effort, and we enjoyed the trip.

Author: 1944april

Traveled a great deal - about 80 countries - first foreign country I suppose was Wales, which was only 80 miles away from where I was born. Visited each Continent, except Antarctica, and I doubt that it is on my bucket list - too cold. I love Asian food, Australian wine & British beer & trying to entertain by writing.

5 thoughts on “Boats, beer and bananas”

  1. Thanks again Bob for you compliments.
    I read your blog about being a tour guide on the buses (good title for a TV show :- o) ), which was funny, so how come you haven’t expanded on this area? I’m sure you could drop in photos and entertain us with your memories – from film star to tour guide . . . . .build a following and then drop in Tuzla & Yukon. . . just a thought. Haven’t dropped IK yet . . .:-o)


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