For some, size does matter . . . .

The drive from Adelaide was fine until we came to a stretch of road that had salt bush trees and bushes on both sides.The trees hung over the road, which gave the impression that we were driving down a tunnel, similar to Alice falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. The road was straight and driving became monotonous and I had to make sure I didn’t lose my concentration.

As we came out of the ‘tunnel’ area we entered Kingston only to be met by the largest lobster that I’d seen.


 I believe his name is Larry – well why not Larry?
Better than Claws.

Seeing one of the Australian ‘bigs’ I began to think of the other ‘bigs’ that we have seen on our Australian travels during the last few years.


Remember the Big Seat in Broken Hill?

I also mentioned that Pro Hart (the artist) had an affinity with ants and that he used to add ants to some of his paintings.

Big_Ant This is the Big Ant, which is also in Broken Hill, and it was designed by Pro Hart


The Big Moreno near Goulburn (NSW) – it used to be very close to the town centre, but since the freeway was built, which caused 40 coaches a day to miss visiting the Big Moreno, they moved Rambo closer to the freeway interchange and a rest stop.
Locally the ram is called ‘Rambo’ – why not?
It has a tourist shop on the ground floor and an exhibition of wool on the second floor. People can also climb higher inside the statue and view the surrounding area through the eyes of Rambo.


North of Sydney we have the Big banana at Coffs Harbour. In the grounds of the banana plantation there is an amusement park.


 If you head towards Swan Hill (Victoria) on the Murray River you will see a Big Murray cod. It is not on the river bank, but next to the railway station – I think there’s something fishy going on in Swan Hill – sorry!

BigPelicanNoosaville At Noosaville (Queensland) on the Sunshine Coast we have the Big pelican. I can understand the town adding a ‘Big’ because the Noosa River has many pelicans.


The BIG rocking horse in South Australia- with a viewing platform. The rocking horse is part of a wooden toy factory, wildlife park and cafe and is 18 metres tall.


Not far from Beechworth, (Victoria) where we stayed, is the small town of Glenrowan (Victoria) another famous Ned Kelly town, which boasts the Big Ned, at six metres tall.


  Moving north to Cairns (Queensland), we have the ‘Big’ Captain Cook.

The good Captain is not offering Hitler a salute. The statue is based on a painting of when Cook landed at Botany Bay he commanded his people not to fire on the local aborigines. Others say he is trying to hold back the holiday makers arriving in Cairns.

As well as Captain Cook, Cairns has the 10 metre tall’Big’ marlin.




But then which is the biggest dough boy ?
Taken at Buderim Ginger outside Noosa, in Queensland.

Author: 1944april

Traveled a great deal - about 80 countries - first foreign country I suppose was Wales, which was only 80 miles away from where I was born. Visited each Continent, except Antarctica, and I doubt that it is on my bucket list - too cold. I love Asian food, Australian wine & British beer & trying to entertain by writing.

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