Sailing just sailing . . . .


Our daughter and son in law arranged for a limo to take us to the cruise terminal. A lovely gesture and very acceptable for the hour’s run to the city.

The run in was a dream, with a driver who knew where he was going, as well as being aware of all the road problems with regard to reconstruction of the CBD transport system.

Lodging our bags a few feet away from where we left the limo was easy, after which we were directed to the check-in area on the first floor.

As you see there were plenty of counters for us to pick from for check-in, after which we were directed to a waiting area.


The crowds soon thinned out as various groups were called, until our group was called. Through emigration procedures and finally security and finally we were told to board.


Home for the next nineteen days.


Our cabin is a similar size to the cabin that we had last year on Island Princess, but with slight alterations. The actual cabin is smaller, but the area for us to hang our clothes and stack our suitcases was larger. Due to the fact that were on deck 11 the balcony was smaller. I looked over the side on to the lower cabin’s balconies (staterooms to give the cabins their correct name), and noticed that they were larger. On the higher decks, to maintain stability I suppose, the width of the deck is narrower, which is why our balcony is smaller than those decks below. If we do another cruise I will book no higher than deck ten to maximise the balcony space.


Behind the white wall is the stowage area and the bathroom. The door that can be seen is our main cabin door.


View from our balcony


Four o’clock and the ship’s siren gives three blasts, which is a signal that the engines are going astern, mooring lines are cast off and we are under-weigh. People begin to gather and find a good spot to experience leaving port.


Pinch Gut


North Head of Sydney Harbour entrance.


South Head of the harbour entrance.

We are now truly ‘at sea’.
One thing left to do is to drop the pilot – in to the pilot boat of course.


Author: 1944april

Traveled a great deal - about 80 countries - first foreign country I suppose was Wales, which was only 80 miles away from where I was born. Visited each Continent, except Antarctica, and I doubt that it is on my bucket list - too cold. I love Asian food, Australian wine & British beer & trying to entertain by writing.

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