Frankly my Dear, I do give a. . .

Am I the only one who objects to the current use of inappropriate language in films, books, TV and on the radio?

Are the current crop of ‘artists’, whether they are authors, scripts writers, actors, TV producers etc, incapable of producing entertainment without the reader or viewer being embarrassed, especially when sitting with family members?

I now hear inappropriate language on the radio when the radio ‘host’, of a chat show, is speaking to a member of the public. It seems the public speaker is more attuned to the correct use of language, knowing that they are ‘on the air’ than the radio host who should be setting an example.

Perhaps I have passed my use by date, but I am sure I am not the only person who who considers the poor crop of good films that have been released in the past few years. Many fail a basic story line test, and compensate this failure with gratuitous sex, extreme violence and bad language.

Author: 1944april

Traveled a great deal - about 80 countries - first foreign country I suppose was Wales, which was only 80 miles away from where I was born. Visited each Continent, except Antarctica, and I doubt that it is on my bucket list - too cold. I love Asian food, Australian wine & British beer & trying to entertain by writing.

3 thoughts on “Frankly my Dear, I do give a. . .”

  1. I have just ‘discovered’ your multi item, dated December 2015. – I am simply amazed by it ! The travel and the weather item was the usual enjoyable read, but your views upon the use of English by so many who are in ‘Entertainment’, could have been written by me !
    Do you think that HMS Conway, is in some way responsible for this shared view of life and values ? Also it would seem that you and Maureen have taken firmly to the Christian faith, and again this is a parallel with myself, making a decision at the age of 29. – My own faith went into top gear when I met Monica, who was of an Irish Catholic family, and I had to learn a lot quickly. My in-laws to be, made appointments for us to visit several Priests, and the result was that we married in my Pentecostal Church, and Monica was baptised and became a very keen Church worker !
    We are individuals, living thousands of miles apart, and yet we had two years of common experience in North Wales. I know that E.A. Turner had little to do with my life decision, so I am pondering how such similarities have come to pass. – Of course, this could have happened simply as individuals with separate lives, but did Conway have something extraordinary within its teaching ? !


  2. Morning Mike,
    I was confirmed at Conway in a duel ceremony for the proddies & the Catholics on the mess deck (two Bishops of course), this confirmation was to please my mother and nothing to do with belief.
    Years later after Maureen & I were married we had our first child and Maureen wanted her to be baptised, so we went to the local Anglican church in Congleton and the deed was done, but I didn’t promise to bring up the child in the faith, but Maureen did.
    When our so was born we asked once again for baptism and the vicar came to our house & admonished Maureen for not attending church as she had promised (I hadn’t promised), so I said forget it, we’ll not get him baptised and the you can leave, because he’d upset Maureen. Anyway she promised again & to her credit did keep the promise even when we arrived in Oz, and still goes to bible study and ran a group for years and years.
    I seldom went to church and then only under ‘pressure’.
    Part of my job in Oz was visiting our agents in the Pacific and one one flight from, Apia in W. Samoa to Fiji I had stomach ache, which got worse and I was sweating so much that my shirt was soaking and my light slacks that I wore were now wet from the waste to my ankles due to the amount of sweating.
    I thought a visit to the bog would fix things, it didn’t, and the cabin crew were getting bothered as I sat in their area being closer to the toilet just in case.
    Finally I prayed that if God would take away the pain I’d go to church with Maureen – within a minute it came in to my mind to eat salt, so I grabbed a lemonade and a couple of packs of salt off a food tray and added the salt to the lemonade and drank it – the pain eased in a very short time and I stopped sweating.
    I did go to church, (we were living in Sydney now), but was still not convinced, until our preacher in Sydney Bruce Ballantine-Jones gave a talk one day on ‘propitiation’ and the death of Jesus, and everything fell into place! Went to bible study for over 15 years, and have attended the same church since about 1988 – still do and have outlasted about five ‘vicars’ :- o)
    Oddly enough I’ve never told this story to anyone in such detail (only Maureen knows). Not that I am bothered, but if asked ‘when or why’ I bring out a Reader Digest version out . . . .
    ps have a look at Bruce’s life on the net – he was awarded the Order of Australia after the fires of 1994. I saw him last week (he’s retired) at a funeral at our church.


    1. Hi there Geoff,

      Many Thanks for yours of last Monday, and taking me through your own Christian story. – When belief hits, its not a gentle hand-shake, it’s something that stays deep inside you for life !

      Preaching is an art that is powered by God. You had the benefit of Rev. Canon Dr. Bruce Ballantine-Jones in Sydney, and his sermon upon propitiation would have given abundant reasoning for the crucifixion, and with you Geoff, all the mental tumblers would have fallen into place at that point. Travelling by Faith is excellent, but Faith hand in hand with Understandable Facts is the near ultimate.

      While you were in BI, getting married to Maureen, then working at the airport, I was busy growing my business in Northampton. – Office work, with the need to turn part of my mind to accountancy. – (My little mind was never made for such things) ! – Many days I would say good-by to my staff, and then wrestle with some account’s reconciliation. – (Not much fun) ! – I had taken membership of a very lively Conservative Club. – (Forget the Politics, as it was all beer and skittles for me) ! At least a dozen of us, sometimes more, would play skittles through to closing time, and we would be playing for beer ! – Then well into our cups, we would go to someone’s home for coffee, cards or a natter. – If the item came up ‘Is there a God’? – I would find myself waiting for the room to divide, and then join the smaller group for the sake of debate. That was OK with a good head of beer, but I remember thinking ‘I ought to know about this as I’m nearly 30’.

      In my usual way I did nothing about it ! ….. An old school mate that I had known from the age of 8, met a nurse from our Hospital. She was from Finland, and a member of The Elim Pentecostal Church. – That Church had just moved into an empty Methodist Church, right at the back of where I was living in the St. James area of town. ….. They called on me every Sunday evening, inviting me to their Church, and I ran out of reasons not to go ! – I had never been to a Pentecostal Church before, and it was very well ordered, but lively. As I said earlier, the act of real preaching is powered by God, and this Pastor, called John Michael Cuthbert, (I kid you not), was a fantastic preacher and teacher, with all the time in the world to take questions, either in a group or in private in the church office or at his home. From that first service I wanted to know more, and started to go to their Bible Study mid week. I read so much over about 10 months, that my eyes started to hurt, and I covered all the other world religions, which John Cuthbert was very pleased to see. I had real respect for this Pastor. – Elim HQ had given him very little money, and told him to start a Church in Northampton. Tall order for a family man with two children !

      Soon after I met Monica, and it became known that she was from an Irish Catholic background, Pastor invited both of us to his home for Sunday lunch. I was rather worried by this, as I knew his views upon RCs. – I should have known that he would handle it perfectly. – It turned out that his French wife had been brought up as a Catholic, and as she talked to Monica, Pastor and I walked in his garden, and some deep questions were asked. Independently, both Monica and myself must have had the right attitude, because after tea the two children were engaged in a game in another room, and the four of us all prayed. – All was positive, even to Pastor enquiring if his visit to Monica’s parents would be helpful. – His previous Church that he had started, was in Bangor Northern Ireland, and he amused us with his account of the Ecumenical Sausage Sizzles that took place with the Heads of the Churches over there.

      My In-Laws-To-Be, arranged three appointments with three Fathers. The first Father was dressed as a Monk, and I was told that he was Pentecostal, which he was not ! The second Father lived in an up-market house, and when I asked a Biblical question he told me that his interest was in Catholic Law ! The last Father was a young fellow in the Priest House, next to the Cathedral, and when I asked him about the Catholic’s belief of Transubstantiation at their Mass, he said that he didn’t believe it either ! – This went down a bomb with Monica’s folks ! Their ‘own family Priest’ from when they lived in North London paid them a visit. An old time Father that I would have liked to have spent some time with. – When he was told that Monica was to go through the waters of baptism with me in my Church, he clapped his hands and said ‘That’s wonderful’ ! – He told Monica’s folks that the important thing was that their daughter had found God. – Not in the Catholic tradition but heaven does not have separate sections. I do wish I had much more time with that Father ! ….. After we were married, I took charge of mini bus services for the Church, every evening bar Monday, and Monica worked with Elim’s Campainers, a form of youth group, and a section of the Sunday school. – As she told our Pastor, she really felt ‘Born Again’ !

      Well Geoff, that seems to be a right bib full ! ….. Pass my love to Maureen x x, and God Bless both of you.

      MIKE. ….. ( A part healthy old Conway ) ! ________________________________

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